Creative Concepts from Beyond Health Care To Ignite Your Work Team and Elevate Your Practice

Creative Concepts from Beyond Health Care To Ignite Your Work Team and Elevate Your Practice

Despite a wealth of knowledge in sports medicine and health care, athletic trainers often struggle with workplace stagnancy and finding new ways to enhance patient care. This session addresses the gap between current standards of care and innovative approaches from other industries that can ignite creativity, connection and service excellence within athletic training/health care teams. Specifically, it tackles the lack of understanding around how concepts from disciplines including business, employee and customer experience and technology can elevate athletic training practices. By attending this session, athletic trainers will gain insights into strategically applying fresh concepts to their settings in order to boost patient outcomes, advance the profession and improve workplace connection and camaraderie. Overall, this session is essential for athletic trainers seeking to inject creativity into their teams and practices by looking beyond traditional health care alone. This  session will equip attendees with game-changing ideas to elevate their workplace team and carry their athletic training practices forward.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify three innovative concepts from employee and patient experience, business and technology concepts that can be applied to enhance outcomes in athletic training practices.
  • Discuss two strategies, based on insights from other industries presented, for boosting workplace connection and camaraderie within workplace teams.
  • Analyze personal athletic training practice or workplace team dynamics to determine two areas most in need of fresh, innovative approaches to spark positive change.
  • Develop an action plan outlining three outside-the-box ideas that will be implemented over the next year to elevate patient-care quality and fuel creativity in the workplace setting.

How is this session relevant to a variety of settings?
The concepts presented will empower ATs in attendance to strategically harness relevant trends and technologies shaping other industries. It will focus specifically on identifying cutting-edge trends, innovations and technologies happening in other industries outside of health care that could be strategically leveraged by athletic training teams to enhance patient care and workplace culture. The concepts covered range will from new technological advances that promote collaboration and foster creativity to larger workplace/management trends that cultivate greater employee engagement and satisfaction. By highlighting case studies and providing tactical takeaways throughout, this session will equip attendees to implement technological tools, systems and modern processes to stimulate positive change in their practice. The discussion will center on how athletic trainers can proactively and positively disrupt their own field – much like entrepreneurs in the tech sector – by applying fresh eyes from beyond health care alone. This embodies the ethos of leveraging "trends and technology" from the world at large rather than just health care.


Domain 5: Health Care Administration and Professional Responsibility

1.0 Category A

In order to earn your CEUs, you must watch the session video in its entirety and complete the assessment.

Ryan Stevens, MS, ATC, CSCS

Driven by his mission to empower, support, and guide others in recognizing, achieving, and celebrating their potential, Ryan Stevens, has showcased passion and optimism as a specialty-trained leader, coach, speaker, and clinician across a spectrum of healthcare, wellness, fitness, and sports settings since 2004. A speaker and organizational coach via "cATalyzing Coaching & Consulting'', he is known as "Your guide to creating Awesome Teams!" and is the host of "The cATalyzing Podcast". A 2003 graduate of Penn State University's Athletic Training program, Ryan has led large rapidly-expanding interdisciplinary teams across wide geographic regions for three healthcare systems, was the Staffing Lead for two COVID-19 Vaccine Megasites (including the largest in New Jersey), and was Vice President of a start-up fitness business. A specialist in the realms of employee experience, team development, servant leadership, & workplace advocacy, he brings a uniquely-trained background inclusive of his Masters degree in Humanistic & Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz. His leadership approach has garnered a best-in-class employee Net Promoter Score, and his Press Ganey "Employee Engagement Team Power Index" and "Leader Index" scores ranked among the highest in NJ’s largest healthcare system. Based in New Jersey, Ryan is a proud father of 4, and can be found across social media via @cATalyzingATs

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Creative Concepts from Beyond Health Care To Ignite Your Work Team and Elevate Your Practice

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