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If you already have an account with NATA (member or non-member), use the email and password associated with your account to login.

  • You can have a password reset email sent to you by clicking "Forgot your password?"
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If you need further account assistance, please complete this form to contact Member Services for Account Help:

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Password & Account Help

NATA EducATe Technical Support

Screen Not Displaying Properly:

If you are unable to see the entire screen or pop up box, your screen resolution/size may be set too high to display the entire area properly. Try zooming out by holding ctrl and pressing the - key until the desired size is found. You can also access the zoom in/out feature by using the three dot top menu icon on most browsers.

Video Troubleshooting:

Assessment not unlocking after watching the video?
Participants are required to watch the video in its entirety before the system will unlock the next course component. Minutes are tracked and saved while the user is actively viewing. Please ensure that you refrain from skipping ahead or fast-forwarding through unviewed segments and avoid navigating away from the video window during playback as the viewing time will not be tracked.

Should you need to pause, simply keep the window open to maintain your current position in the video. However, if you need to close the window or log out of EducATe, make a note of your progress in the video to resume from the same point upon returning. Your minutes viewed will be tracked, but your position in the video will not be saved after exiting. When returning, you may skip through already viewed segments and resume the video where you left off to complete the remaining time requirement.

If you are experiencing issues with your video such as not being able to access, buffering, error message, or your assessment does not unlock after viewing the video in its entirety, it is likely that your computer/network is blocking the tracking of the video. This often happens at schools and businesses that have networks with a firewall or malware software installed on their computers. If you are using a school/business computer or internet connection, try watching the videos at home using your personal computer on your home Wi-Fi network or on a cellular device such as a phone or tablet. If you are unable to use a personal device on your own network, you may need to ask your IT Team to check if your school/business computer’s browser settings are correct or if there are any access restrictions in place for Vimeo video viewing & tracking from your computer or internet network.

If you are accessing from your personal computer on your home internet and are still having trouble with video tracking, try these steps:

  1. Clear your Browser Cache, Cookies, and History. Need help? Use this link to help clear your Browser Cookies, Cache and History. You may have to login again after clearing.
  2. Check that JavaScript is enabled. This link provides instructions on how to enable JavaScript on your browser.


If you are experiencing other technical issues or have a question regarding a course, please complete this form to contact us for Tech Help:

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NATA EducATe Tech Help

Refund Request

Refunds for incomplete courses (exam not taken) must be requested within 30 days of purchase and will be refunded to the original form of payment.
Please visit our full refund policy on the FAQ page for more details.

If you would like to request a refund, please complete the Refund Request form below:

[{"type":"text","required":true,"label":"First Name","description":"Enter First name as it appears on your NATA EducATe account.","className":"form-control","name":"name","subtype":"text"},{"type":"text","required":true,"label":"Last Name","description":"Enter LAST name as it appears on your NATA EducATe account.","className":"form-control","name":"text-1706540308384","subtype":"text"},{"type":"text","subtype":"email","required":true,"label":"Email","description":"List the email associated with your account. We will contact you using this email address.","className":"form-control","name":"email"},{"type":"text","required":true,"label":"Reason you are requesting a refund:","description":"(i.e. Already Taken, Purchased Wrong Course, Do Not Need, etc.)","className":"form-control","name":"text-1691501779762","subtype":"text"},{"type":"text","required":true,"label":"Date of Purchase (must be within 30 days of this request):","description":"Enter the date that the course(s) were purchased.","className":"form-control","name":"text-1695301872357","subtype":"text"},{"type":"textarea","required":true,"label":"Course or Courses you are requesting a refund for:","description":"Please list course name(s).","className":"form-control","name":"textarea-1706540393849","subtype":"textarea"}]
Request Refund