What the Tech? Current Technologies for Safe Return to Sport

What the Tech? Current Technologies for Safe Return to Sport

Technology in the rehab and performance space has been fast evolving, which is exciting yet overwhelming. Attendees will learn about common technologies used in high performance settings and  how to evaluate the evidence behind products to better make purchasing and implementation decisions on any budget.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover emerging technologies used sports rehabilitation for better decision-making.
  • Recognize key evidence of validity and reliability of technologies to determining utility.
  • Discuss key performance indicators for safe return to sport using mentioned technologies.

How is this session relevant to a variety of settings?
This topic will help athletic trainers working in settings such as physician practice, performing arts, armed forces and rehab clinics to measure key impairments through validated technologies. Using such technologies, data can be collected in a consistent and clinically fast method, and can allow athletic trainers to expand their skill set in designing programs and initiatives pertaining to health care administration, public safety, analytics and outcomes.


Domain 1: Risk Reduction Wellness and Health Literacy 
Domain 2: Assessment Evaluation and Diagnosis 
Domain 4: Therapeutic Intervention 

1.0 Category A

In order to earn your CEUs, you must watch the session video in its entirety and complete the assessment.


Dr. Vu began his career in human performance in 2010 working as a strength and conditioning coach in the private sector where he worked primarily in group settings with high school and collegiate athletes. He eventually switched to personal training from 2014 – 2018 while completing his doctorate degree in physical therapy; he still does some personal training today. After completing a sports residency and D1 sports fellowship, Dr. Vu now works solely in the D1 college setting where he gets to treat clinically and dabble in sports science. He is also a paid consultant with SimpliFaster where he gets to evaluate emerging technologies and give his perspective from a rehab standpoint. He feels it’s also important to conduct research in addition to clinical care, and his research focus is anterior cruciate ligament injury, racial disparities in healthcare, and social determinants of health. He is also an invited speaker at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC) and Ohio University where he teaches a return to sports lecture each year for the sports physical therapy elective and is an associated faculty member at Tufts University Hybrid DPT program where he assists in their in-person therapeutic exercise lab. Through this work, Dr. Vu has been fortunate to have been appointed to multiple leadership positions for his national professional organizations, and has been invited to speak at state, regional, and national conferences.

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What the Tech? Current Technologies for Safe Return to Sport

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