Assessment and Management of the Cervical Spine: The Athletic Trainer and Contemporary Approaches to Cervical Spine Dysfunction

The assessment and treatment of non-traumatic cervical and upper quarter complaints has proven to be an area of uncertainty and diffidence in the Athletic Training profession for many years. While Athletic Trainers are some of the most capable in managing acute and severe cervical spine injuries, there is a knowledge gap in the realm of assessing and managing non-traumatic cervical and upper quarter complaints. In this presentation areas of assessment such as McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization will be covered, as well as therapeutic interventions stemming from the same paradigms. Encore Presentation from NATA 2022 Convention.


  • Identify the different classifications defined by the McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Therapy., 
  • Apply Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization principles in the treatment of cervical spine dysfunction., 
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment plan combining methodology from various treatment paradigms., 
  • Interpret examination findings and develop a treatment strategy based on findings., 
  • Recognize cases that will need an appropriate referral for further care.


Domain 2: Assessment Evaluation and Diagnosis

1.0 Category A

Keywords: cervical spine, dysfunction, neck, diagnosis, therapy, treatment, 

Bradley Muse, DC, AT, CSCS

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